December 19, 2018

Colombia: Keeping the Courts Open and Honest

A New Era of Collaboration Begins

Colombians have historically distrusted their judiciary, including the country’s highest administrative court, the Council of State. In 2015, when the Prosecutor’s Office arrested 11 members of the judiciary for allowing a controversial businessman accused of murder to go free, corruption in the courts became too appalling to ignore.

The Colombian government turned to the OGP process to instigate reform and greatly improve transparency and accountability. For the first time, the court is publishing information on its agendas, past decisions and procedures online, allowing citizens and civil society organizations to better understand complex court functions and watch the court’s action for potential corruption.

The reform marks a new era of openness, bringing the citizens and court closer. This collaboration reduces mistrust and corruption.

(Justicia Abierta) Open Justice dialogues with the indigenous community in Sibundoy, Nariño, Colombia.