About CitizENGAGE

Citizens Coming Together to Open Government and Transform Societies

A citizen’s ability to peacefully assemble. A parent’s right to shape of a child’s education. A journalist’s need to pursue the truth. In many corners of the world, these freedoms are under threat. Authoritarianism, mistrust, and fake news have become commonplace. Governments operate at odds with the people. And individuals are resigned to voiceless, powerless positions. For the sake of our future, the relationship between citizens, governments, and societies must change.

Through CitizENGAGE, the Open Government Partnership illuminates the stories of the citizens in and outside of government who are joining together to raise their voices, promote opportunity for all and create lasting change. CitizENGAGE demonstrates the ways that people are joining together to ensure that government works for its citizens — not the other way around.

The Open Government Partnership brings together governments, civil society organizations, and citizens to create action plans that make governments more inclusive, responsive, and accountable. To learn more about the Open Government Partnership, visit our main site.


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