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Building a Unified Information System for Education

Armenia / April 13, 2022


In Armenia, the number of students in urban schools varied drastically. While some schools were overburdened with their large student count, others had many empty seats to fill.

In 2020, the country launched an open, unified information system for up-to-date information on school registration and admissions, among other data, all in one place. Learn how the system is improving education outcomes in the country and allowing more students to fully realize their right to a strong education.

English Transcript (Abridged)

Until 2020, Armenia had a problem of overloaded and underloaded state schools in the urban settlements. As a result, schools were often violating the number of student places under their license and didn’t create conditions for children to properly realize their right of education.

The creation of the unified information system for management of education is aimed at making the admission process easy by providing information about the licenses of educational institutions, available places, and admission opportunities. The platform also allows online registration and submission of admission papers.

It aims to improve the inclusion policy in educational institutions of Armenia, reduce the risks of applying non-formal and corruption mechanisms, detect the threat of dropping out from compulsory education, and make the process of choosing an institution, applying, and being admitted easier.

It is possible to be admitted to the first grade through online registration on the platform without the need to visit the school beforehand. The electronic registration works in the communities that have more than one school.

Watch the video for the sequence of steps for the online application for first-graders.

The platform also allows parents to give feedback, which is an opportunity to identify problems existing in educational institutions and get response from authorized bodies, as well as gather relevant suggestions.

In general, the platform is useful not only for parents, but also the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture And Sports of the Republic of Armenia and other responsible bodies, like municipalities and regional administrations.

The unified information system for management of education was implemented through Armenia’s 2018-2020 OGP Action Plan.
The platform for education management is available at

Last updated: April 20, 2022