December 27, 2018

Ukraine: Empowering Citizen Watchdogs

The DoZorro platform has generated more than 133,000 visitors and recorded 14,000 feedback reports since its launch in November 2016.

Ukraine has historically struggled with corruption and powerful oligarchs controlling public procurement processes. The ProZorro e-procurement platform was launched to allow  government bodies to conduct procurement deals electronically and transparently and to give citizens open access to these contracts. ProZorro is estimated to have saved the government over 1 billion USD over two years, but the government couldn’t monitor all suspicious activity alone – civil society needed to help as watchdogs for procurement corruption.

To amplify the voice of citizens in the procurement process, Ukraine launched DoZorro, a tool for identifying corruption risks. Through DoZorro, citizens can submit feedback and report violations across the procurement cycle. More than 133,000 citizens have visited DoZorro and recorded 14,000 feedback reports, since the  launch of the platform in November 2016. So far, around 50 percent of these cases have been resolved, including over 1,200 cases where vendors were changed as a result of feedback.

The platform is also strengthening accountability. Twenty-two criminal charges and 79 sanctions have been issued. Thanks to the impact of the ProZorro and DoZorro platforms, Ukraine serves as a model country for open contracting reform today.

“Within less than two years, the team of DoZorro managed to overhaul the approach to procurement monitoring, building a truly stable ecosystem, which will only continue to develop further.”

Transparency International Ukraine