August 27, 2019

La Libertad, Peru: Mapping Water Suppliers & Sanitation Services

The provision of water and sanitation in the Peruvian region of La Libertad presents many problems. Municipal public water supply companies often have budget deficits, little qualified personnel, or lack the technical or financial capabilities to guarantee minimum standards in the delivery of water and sanitation.

To ensure a sustainable and clean water supply, the government has committed to building an information system that allows citizens to report the status and location of water and sanitation systems.

By clicking on an online map of La Libertad, citizens will be able to get updated information on the number of water systems serving their community as well as be able to check on the quality of the water. The digital tool will also show citizens how water resources are being managed by local authorities, allowing them to identify flaws in resource management. To make the tool intuitive for any and every kind of person using the platform, this information will be color-coded using green, yellow, and red to show a high, medium or low supply or quality of water in the region respectively. Through this system, residents of La Libertad will also be able to send suggestions or report water-related issues in their localities.

This commitment has the potential to deliver quality water services to thousands of people in the region, ensuring the development of the right conditions for children, women, and other vulnerable groups like indigenous communities and people with disabilities.