December 21, 2018

Georgia: Launching Citizen Budget Monitoring

Georgia’s Supreme Audit Office’s online platform initially tallied one thousand hits per day.

In a 2015 Open Budget Survey, two-thirds of Georgians said the government failed to effectively inform them about public spending. To address this finding, the State Audit Office (SAO) created an online platform for budget information to improve accountability and transparency of budget data. Under a “citizen” tab on the website, users can identify weaknesses in public service delivery, report cases of corruption, and prioritize government agencies for the SAO to audit.

The site has been popular with the public, initially tallying one thousand hits per day. In its first six months, the site received 23 submissions, including reported corruption cases and suggestions to improve healthcare, education and other public services. The platform’s success so far has proven its potential to tackle deeper finance issues in the future.