December 18, 2018

Buenos Aires: Making Access to Reproductive Health Services Inclusive

Incentivizing health centers to provide higher quality care

In Buenos Aires, access to sexual and reproductive health services is guaranteed for all residents by law, yet a a stark gap remains in the quality and availability of those services depending on where one lives. The disparity in access and education has resulted in a rise of HIV diagnosis among youth outside the city center who must travel downtown to seek care.

To reduce obstacles and inconsistencies in sexual and reproductive health services, Buenos Aires partnered with the Huésped Foundation to create DÓNDE, a digital platform that shares information on the availability of sexual and reproductive health services throughout the city. DÓNDE enables vulnerable citizens to access georeferenced information on condom delivery points, family planning information, HIV testing, vaccinations and infectious disease centers. Now, citizens can better locate centers, rate their experience and lodge complaints on clinics performing poorly or violating women’s rights.