July 11, 2018

Buenos Aires: Bringing Ease to Journeys by Bus

Empower Citizens With Real-Time Information to Use Public Transport

In Buenos Aires, passengers make nearly 3.5 million bus journeys a day — 78% of all public transport journeys taken in the city. Although the bus network is the city’s lifeline, connecting people across the city, travellers in Buenos Aires did not have access to information on bus timings that would help them map and plan their journeys.

To address this, the Buenos Aires City Government committed in its OGP Action Plan to open up transport data in GTFS format — the worldwide standard for open transit data. Making data available not only allows for evidence-based infrastructure policy, it also creates new opportunities for third parties to craft innovative transit services and apps. The government has built the app Bueno Aires Como llego and plans are in the works to incorporate data into Google maps.

The collection of data was a big lift for Buenos Aires. Tracking devices had to be installed across the city’s bus fleet and the information it generated had to be compiled and analyzed. The investment of time and resources has paid off. Today, Buenos Aires’ transit routes are progressively being mapped, and travelers are planning their journeys along the city’s interconnected bus lines. This is having a concrete impact on the everyday lives of city dwellers by saving time, improving journeys, and supporting innovation.