July 11, 2018

Bojonegoro, Indonesia: Data Driven by Women

Tracking Services in 430 Villages Via One App

In Bojonegoro, a region in Indonesia’s East Java province, a women-led community movement gathers valuable information about the conditions and concerns of their neighborhood to help civil servants make better policy decisions and improve services across the region’s 430 villages. The new, digital system has recently replaced the paper-based process for managing the information, allowing the women to collect a wider range of better quality data, and allowing the government to gain a more comprehensive understanding of what’s happening in the region.

For every group of ten households, a trained female volunteer talks to neighbors and enters the information into an app. Designed by civil society, the app is connected to a database that can be accessed via a visual online dashboard. The dashboard highlights various insights about Bojonegoro’s population, such as areas in need of more schools, exposure to disaster risks, and health statistics such as the adoption of birth control methods. The data is available for free in reusable, open formats.

By monitoring pregnant women, evidence suggests that the project has already helped to raise awareness of conditions such as preeclampsia, leading to an increase in the number of pregnant women seeking treatment.